Whom do we honor, today? The approach to Memorial Day.

Whom do we honor, today? The approach to Memorial Day.

Yesterday in church, Pastor, like so many other Pastors and people in general, focused on and asked if anyone in our congregation had served or was currently serving in the military and if so would they stand up so they could be honored this Memorial Day. My husband who had served his country for 23 years did not want to stand up, I had to nudge him and say, “Stand up honey.” Later I asked him why he never wants to stand up on Memorial Day weekend when this occurs. His answer, “It is not about me. Memorial Day is for those who died serving; Veteran’s Day is for me.” I thought to myself now there is someone who truly wants to honor the ones who deserve honoring. I know Pastors heart was good, as is many on television and in pubic arenas who thanks our Veterans but as an old retired Veteran reminder me, let us all remember it is about those under the ground not the ones sitting beside us. We can thank them on Veterans Day for today let us take a silent moment to remember those who made it possible to grill today, sit with family, visit a military graveyard, whatever we choose to do we will do in part because one of those brave individuals who died.

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