Unity, Truth, and Apathy [The Survival of the Church]

Unity, Truth, and Apathy [The Survival of the Church]

It has been a while since God has given me something He wanted shared…

Here it is, received Friday, March 23, 2012, around 9:30 PM.


Unity and truth can coexist around the point of salvation.  The church can have unity the church can have truth.  The people of the Body of Christ can have both, around the point of salvation; our differences are outside of that point. Those within the Body of Christ who are a part of true Christianity agree upon the point of salvation, salvation by grace alone through Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ, the One True God.  Our differences are based on other issues and our differences are destroying the church, meaning the Christian faith as a group. 


Recently I heard this question put forth, ‘Can Christianity survive in a secular society?’ As soon as I heard that question, my mind went to God and my sprit went to God asking, ‘Can we?’ Immediately I realized that was not the question, the question should be, ‘Can the Christian Church or can Christianity survive the apathy of those who God has called to lead it?’ I realized in that moment I was hearing the voice of God.  God said to me, ‘The problem is not the apathy of society the problem is with the apathy of My spiritual leaders.’  When I heard that, my heard just sunk. 


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