What God is Doing.

I sense and am preparing for what I believe is going to be a huge change within the Body of Christ very soon.  The pendulum has swung just about as far as it is going to within Christianity.  Christianity itself is becoming something that people cannot even recognize any longer.  In an effort to be inclusive, tolerant, and loving the Body of Christ has created a monster which is devouring TRUE CHRISTIANITY and what was meant to grow the Body is now rendering it powerless in so many ways.


What about where you are?  What is God doing there?  What are you seeing happening within the Body of Christ and the Cooperate Church as a whole?


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  1. I hear what you’re saying. God truly needs the baptized believers and Holy Ghost receivers to stand up for what’s right. It’s not love to pretend someone’s fine while they race headlong off of a cliff and that’s what’s happening in today’s culture.

    We, the church, need to speak up for what’s right and forget what people might think because in the end it only matters what God thinks.

  2. Reblogged this on Dead Sea Scrolls – Devotion & Study and commented:

    This person is so very correct. Christian Political Correctness is killing the godly fruit of the Body of Christ aka the Church.
    Keep your eyes peeled and your spirit open God is about to show Christianity that He is still God.

  3. Thanks, for sharing. I found you while looking around for posts on women in ministry (something I wrote about recently in a post entitled Philemon). Keep up the good work!

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