Question–Regarding Transfiguration and Second Coming – The Week of November 1st 2011

Question Submitted:

Re: Question about Matthew 16:27, 28 – Transfiguration and Second Coming

In Matt 16: 27-28   26- Christ tells his disciples that he will return in his father’s glory and with the/his angels and there will be judgment.

27- Christ tells them that some of them will still be alive when this happens.

Right off the bat I went Hugh? What?  I went to get my bible that is a study bible to see what it had to say. It says that some people think that this happened at the transfiguration, others think it was the resurrection and the ascension, and yet others believe that it was at Pentecost.

I am still at a loss. Yes, it could be anyone of those IF there had been judgment.  In verse 27, it says that when he comes back there will be judgment. None of the three theories contains any judgment.

What are your thoughts on this?




Re:  Question about Matthew 16:27, 28


Verse 27: I do all Scripture research in the Greek and Hebrew based on the words used in the King James Version of the Bible.  Both in the King James and New King James, in this verse the word judgment is not used.  The term used is “he shall reward” KJV and “He will reward” in the NKJV. This of course brings different results.  Not punishment but recompense.  You have to be careful about some translations the meaning is distorted.  I have done a lot of research on Bible Translations and own most all of them. Many Bibles in this verse use the term “repay” which is okay but “judge” used such as in the Living Bible and New Living Translation misses the mark in meaning based on the Greek. The 1890 Darby Bible and 1901 American Standard use the word “render” which is okay as the word appears in the Greek Definition but the word “judge” never appears in the definition.

Here is the definition from the Greek so you can read it for yourself:

591.        ajpodivdwmi apoádidoµmi, ap-od-eed´-o-mee; from 575 and 1325; to give away, i.e. up, over, back, etc. (in various applications):— deliver (again), give (again), (re-) pay (-ment be made), perform, recompense, render, requite, restore, reward, sell, yield.


Verse 28: I believe this is a reference to the transfiguration, which happened six days later [see Matthew 17:1-13].  Jesus showed Peter, James, and his brother John what He would look like after His death, resurrection, ascension to heaven, and return to earth at the final judgment also known as the second coming.  A preview of sorts of what we will experience one day when He return at the second coming.  Whether we are alive or in heaven already, we will still experience seeing Him in His Full Glorious Victory.


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