How do you know what God wants you to do? – The Week of October 11th 2011

Question Submitted:

How do you know what God wants you to do?



This often only comes through trial and error.


1.    Make sure your relationship with Jesus is real and you belong to Him. Ask Him, it is that simple.

2.    Before seeking to hear God in prayer on a matter you have to first check your motives before you pray and make sure you are asking God for direction regarding what His Perfect Will is for you and not just what you want.

3.    Listen to that still small voice inside which tells you what to do. Write down what it tells you. Writing the information down is vital since our minds have a way of altering things later on to suit our wishes, circumstances, and desires.

4.    Measure what you have heard against God’s written Word, the Bible. They will never contradict one another.

5.    Ask God [at first] for confirming signs that you have heard Him correctly. Write down the sign once it comes.

6.    Then in the end seek confirming counsel from another who is walking closely with God.


These are the simple ways to work on hearing from God correctly. You will not always get it right but with practice you will get better.



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