Question Submitted–Re: Use of the title Prophet or Prophetess-The Week 9-19-11

Question Submitted:

What do you think of people who insist on the title of Prophet or Prophetess being added as a prefix to their name whenever anyone for any reason refers to them?


A friend of mine told me about such a person (a “friend” of hers).  I was just wondering what other people thought about it.


Also, I’m referring to people that you know personally not the ministers or leaders in your churches.  This woman is a personal friend of my friend and they don’t even attend the same assembly.  However, she insists that she be referred to as Prophetess at all times.



You have to find that balance in life between not judging peoples actions but making sure, you discern their actions.  The church as a whole would be in better shape today had people been willing to ask questions like those that you are asking, discern people’s actions, and speak up.

One should neither “hide from” nor “advertise” their calling as a prophetess or prophet, but instead they should allow their fruit to be the proof.

In my own personal growth on this matter and in watching and learning from others, I have been able to discern a great deal on this matter.

Yes, I am a Prophetess, Called by God, Ordained by the Church, Received the Mantel as such from the church, I embrace the calling, and I accept the title.  However, I do not wear the title and did not always embrace the idea.  From what I have seen among REAL prophets / prophetess many, if not most, of them did not embrace their calling at first.  The reason being they understood their calling and all it involved, knowing it would be an extremely difficult job to embrace [topic to long for this question]. Therefore, often the hallmark of a true prophet or prophetess is their desire to not “advertise” their mantel all the time.  Now on the other side of the coin.  Someone who wants to advertise the idea they are a prophet or prophetess all the time, demanding people call them such, and signing it after their name regularly may well be someone who is finding their “worth” through their calling or a gift they believe they have obtained from God. This is very dangerous and these people are headed for a fall.  It is about God and a person’s relationship with God, not any gift or calling God gave that person.  When a person makes it about the gift or calling God will deal with that and fast.  In addition, a person with a poor self-image will have a gift of prophecy let’s say and MISTAKE being able to use that gift on a regular bases as being a prophet or prophetess.  This is the case a great deal today.  People do not mean any harm but they believe because they have the gift of prophecy that they are a prophet / prophetess and this simply is not true.  At times these are Wanna-Be’s and other times this is just ignorance of the actual difference between the gift or prophecy and the mantel of a prophetess / prophet.  Most servant leaders do not need to be called prophetess / prophet all the time, they know who they are, they need not have you to tell them.  I remember when I first started out operating as a prophetess I tried to discourage people from calling me such.  I came to realize for some people it is important to do so. The reason I did not want them to refer to me that way was because I knew it was unnecessary.  You see when you are the REAL DEAL per say, your reputation speaks for you; you do not have to do so.  When you speak, it holds all the authority of Christ for you are speaking for Him, you are speaking TRUTH and truth is the final authority in any situation.  Therefore, when dealing one on one I would not even use terms like, “Thus sayeth the Lord”, or “I have a word for you” or “The Lord told me to share with you” [these statements scream LISTEN TO ME] and you see because I was / and am the real deal people knew and know when God is speaking through me whether they want to acknowledge that they know or not.  If I needed to stress over and over that  I have a Word from the Lord, maybe I do not have the authority of a Prophetess and do not have a word from the Lord after all.  Now in a congregational setting when a prophetess / prophet is giving a Rhema Word, that is handled different and a more formal way of communicating that message is required.  If one must do a lot to convince someone they are a prophetess / prophet they just may not be one.  When we have questions and red flags are raised in our spirit we need to seek God and seek answers because their often is a problem.  When it is appropriate, we should use the title that God has given us – that would not be ALL the time in private and public settings.  Again, if we need to use the title ALL the time perhaps we are not even convinced of who we are in our calling from Christ and/or we may have a major self (God) worth problem.  Sad to say, many people minister because they need to minister  not because people need to ministered to.

Where the calling of a Prophet or Prophetess is concerned along with someone who is a part of the five-fold ministry it is –

A- A direct calling from God, that comes from God FIRST.

B- It should be confirm-able by other sources of spiritual people / leaders.

C- This should be followed by acceptance of an ordination and mantel so the individual is accepting the responsibility and accountability that comes with the title, calling, giftings, and office.

Generally, in that order is how it will develop.


None of this means one must strut around like a peacock wearing their title as a billboard around their neck; nor does it mean that they shun in any way or form away from acknowledgment of their title and the responsibilities that come with the title.


As one operates in their calling, they will mature and these things will not be such an overblown issue.



Also – keep in mind when the references in the Word of God are made about “judging” they are in various contexts.

**one is judging with a sense of condemning

**another is using spiritual discernment

Make sure which is which when using/referencing your Scriptures for it is a delicately balanced issue.


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