Q&A Forum – When to Stand for the Truth

When to Stand for the Truth


Question Submitted:


I have a question that has weighed heavy on my heart. If you know that someone is lying (to groups of people) about XXXXXXXXX because you were there when it happened, what should you do (if anything)?


It really upset me to sit and hear the story retold in a way that I know did not happen, because I was there. Also, several people are being deceived to believe a lie for the benefit of the storyteller. I wanted to believe that the person telling the story just simply forgot and maybe truly does remember the story the way that they are telling it but I know that the lie is deliberate. The lie benefits them and makes them look good.


So, my question is: What should I do or say (if anything) about this un-truth being established and perpetuated?



The Answer:


Your obligation is to Christ and Truth, first and foremost. We participate in a lie when, we allow one to be believed. You should first approach the person directly and make sure you are not mistaken. If you are not mistaken then ask them to correct the situation. If they do not correct the situation, then let the people know the truth. If you have the courage to do it in a forum where the perpetrator of the lie is present or will know about it, do it that way. This helps the people you are trying to get the truth to, know that you are not just talking about the person behind their back trying to stir up trouble, but that you are standing for truth and therefore not afraid to confront the person telling the lie. Be loving and kind, yet firm.


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