Know My Heart – The Standard Bearer

As one gets to know me, they begin to see my heart longs for what was, and is, Jesus’ ideal for an individual and for the Body of Christ as a whole.  An ideal, which has been sold out and betrayed, thus, turning the respect of the world away from the church.  All is not lost however, and a hunger and desire for that standard to be raised, once again, has been rising up in the last decade.  Rising up from the voices and hearts of those growing up in what, for them, must have been a very confused and chaotic environment with a message that made no sense.  This happened because the standard was lowered or even dropped by those leading the way.  We have become a country, a church, a people who have lost their way.


When the standard of God was raised, victory was experienced by His people.  When the standard of God was lowered defeat quickly gained ground.  In order to win, in order to have victory, in order to stand when the world around you is crumbling one must raise the standard…first.  We need those around us who are continually pointing out what the standard is, what form and direction victory takes; those who love us enough to always let us know we can do better… we can be better…we can have victory.  God’s standard is the path to all of that.  To every success and victory.  The path to every accomplishment is lined with the tears of a heart that was willing to walk out the standard…regardless.


The Standard for myself, my family, my community, my local congregation, my universal family the Body of Christ, is all the same; no sliding scale here.  We all live under grace, without it, we would all perish.  Grace however, is no excuse for the unwillingness to pick up God’s Standard and walk through this life as though we belong to the family of The King.


What is this Standard?  It is both a principle and a person.  The standard is “truth” and the person in the form of “Truth” was, is, and will always be Jesus. We lift up His Word, His truths, His principles…we lift up Jesus HIMSELF.


Regardless of the form or manner it takes, my calling is…

“To make the Will, Heart, and Mind of God known for the advancement of the Kingdom, while promoting the Standard of what the Body of Christ should be.”


Scripture References:

Exodus 17

Isaiah 49, 59

Jeremiah 4, 50, 51

Ephesians 2:19-22

Deuteronomy 32:31

Psalm 89:26

John 1, 8



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