Blessings – The Week of January 25th 2011


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, – Ephesians 1:3


The blessings I have for My children are without number.  My love for you and My desire to bless you is always at the forefront of My thoughts toward you.  So many blessings are poured out upon you regardless of you or your actions.  There are other blessings that cannot be given without obedience preceding the blessing.  Then there are others just waiting, for the asking.  My love for you causes Me to bless you.  In good times and in bad I want to bless you because I love you.  Then there are times I only wish that you would be obedient to what I ask and require so that I could pour out the many, many blessings that come when the requirements of My Word are met.  Do you not see the “I will …if you will…” – those are the times when obedience is a factor to your being blessed.  You have not worked for your blessing; you have made room for your blessing to manifest.  I have your blessing and I always desire to bestow upon you that blessing.  Then there are those blessings that sit here and wait for you.  Wishing to be with you if only you would ask Me for them.  There is so much I have for you that you will never receive if you do not ask Me.  Do not be afraid just ask.  Don’t get to your heavenly home one-day only to see in the storehouses of your mansion all the beautiful packages filled with the blessings I wanted you to have but was never able to send, because you did not ask for them or refused to be obedient to what was required to receive them.



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