NEW Bible Study Starting June 22nd at

On June 22nd we will be beginning a new ongoing Bible Study on the ministries discussion board [].  I and the other ladies would really enjoy having you join us and give your input.  We will be doing a verse-by-verse type study, which is more comprehensive than topic studies.   We will begin by doing one chapter or section from a book of the Bible, at a time.  This way we can move around the Bible more, yet, get the same in-depth richness from our studies.  The first portion of Scripture we will study is the much-loved Psalm 23. Many people can quote these six beautiful verses but few have actually studied the verses in depth, in order to truly bask in their wonderful promises.  Scripture text and questions will be posted one week, by Tuesday; the answers and authors notes will be posted the following week, by Tuesday…and so on.

Additionally, shortly after the Bible Study begins we will also begin a Book Discussion on the Book “Victory over the Darkness” by Neil Anderson.  ISBN#0-8307-1375-1  A profoundly powerful book, which helps people realize the power of their identity in Christ.

If you are not sure how to navigate an online discussion board, I will help you navigate the board until you get use to using it.  You will have to go to the site, sign up and activate your account.  You might want to do this a couple of days prior to the beginning of the study, so that your postings and interaction can take place immediately.  However, always feel free to join us at in anytime in the future.

The website link is:

If I can answer any questions for you please do not hesitate to ask.  I do hope to interact with you there.


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