Week of June 1st 2010 – Spiritual Essay Question

Spiritual Essay Questions

What is the root cause of anger?

Most of you understand how this segment works but for those of you who have questions read the following:


Whether you write your thoughts for private or public reading please do so before reading other people’s thoughts, as this will provide you with a confirmation that your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are supported by both the Lord Jesus and other Believers.

Purpose and Goal of Questions

God uses the Word in our lives in order to conform us to His image [Romans 8:29]. Therefore, time spent in reflection on the Word, pondering the principals and commands of the Word is vital to spiritual growth.  In so doing we should resist the urge to “see others” in Scripture, analyzing what they should be doing and instead focus on ourselves, society as a whole, or humanity in general.

That stated…

The series of questions, present one at a time, are meant for such pondering, reflection, and thought. Please allow other individuals to grow and be enriched, as a result of your reflections on the Word, by means of posting your thoughts via the “comment” link provided.

Either way, may Gold deeply ingrain wisdom within your spirit as you ponder each question.


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