Marriage and Family Series – Upcoming Study Focus

Last week we finished the portion of our Marriage and Family Series that dealt with what Biblical Love really was and how we exhibit it to our spouse, family, and friends.


Next week we will begin to focus more specifically on the husband wife relationship and each person’s role in the relationship, duties toward one another, responsibilities, regulations the Bible places on each person, look at different types of husbands and wives from the Bible, how the Bible describes a wife, special temptations, etc. We will alternate between both the husband and the wife during the same posting, offering a look at each with every posting whenever possible.


This next aspect of our Series on Marriage and Family will be exciting, enlightening, and in-depth; we will get to see what the Bibles ideas are and how they measure up to our society’s ideas today. Looking forward to next week, so join me and give me your input.




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