Marriage and Family Series – Take It!

I do not know about any of you but this characteristic of biblical love is by far the most difficult for me to accept. – –

Beareth 4722 5719 all things, 3956

bears all things,


4Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8Love never fails.

New King James


4Charity 26 suffereth long, 3114 5719 and is kind; 5541 5736 charity 26 envieth 2206 5719 not; 3756 charity 26 vaunteth 4068 3756 not 4068 5736 itself, 4068 5736 is 5448 not 3756 puffed up, 5448 5743 5Doth 807 not 3756 behave itself unseemly, 807 5719 seeketh 2212 5719 not 3756 her own, 1438 is 3947 not 3756 easily provoked, 3947 5743 thinketh 3049 5736 no 3756 evil; 2556 6Rejoiceth 5463 5719 not 3756 in 1909 iniquity, 93 but 1161 rejoiceth 4796 5719 in the 225 truth 225 ; 7Beareth 4722 5719 all things, 3956 believeth 4100 5719 all things, 3956 hopeth 1679 5719 all things, 3956 endureth 5278 5719 all things. 3956 8Charity 26 never 3763 faileth:

King James with Greek Reference Numbers


When one imagines “bearing” something images of lowly self-pity, come to mind. That however, speaks most to how one bears something, not if one is bears something. The idea that biblical love “bears all things” astounds me; yet, there it is in black and white. What is it really and can we actually do it?


In the Greek Language the meaning of “beareth” is as follows:

4722. stevgw steágoµ, steg’-o; from 4721; to roof over, i.e. (fig.) to cover with silence (endure patiently):- (for-) bear, suffer.


This meaning denotes that when one beareth another’s actions in love they are in essence going to suffer somewhat. In what fashion will they suffer, however? We are called here to do so with silence and patiently. Most people realize that being patient is waiting in a calm manner, but there is more to it than just that aspect. When we endure patiently, we are “capable of persevering, able to persevere calmly.” We are not just sitting, gritting our teeth and ringing our hands waiting for someone to change or stop their behavior. We are active and productive in life and in the relationship. We walk with dignity during our suffering and with loyalty while we endure.


Let us not forget the silence aspect either. We do all this while we cover the other person’s actions with silence. That silence could pertain to the person committing the offense or our conversations with others regarding said offenses. We do need to talk with the important people in our lives, when they are doing harmful things to the relationship or things that disturb us greatly. Talking however is not pounding and pounding on the matter, nagging of sorts. We do not need to point out each and every time they make the mistake. We need to love them and give them time to grow and change. It is for the best integrity of the relationship that we do not talk to others about it as well. Over my years of marriage, I have heard spouses regularly, degradingly, and maliciously talk about their spouse to other people, including myself. Now mind you, I am not speaking of a person who is just at their wits end and has to seek someone out to talk to so they can go on. I am speaking of a habitual activity. of complain, complain, complain about the spouse behind the spouses back. I have seen the same done in the parent child relationship. A little loyalty attribute my parents taught me was never, never, talk negatively about your spouse to others. I have had a few occasions, during my 23 years of marriage, when I had a problem beyond my ability to deal with that involved my spouse and I went to someone else for counsel and help. Negative things have been stated regarding my spouse during those interactions. Other than those times, people would think my spouse was the greatest thing in the world; since, all they ever hear are the nice and positive aspects of them and our relationship. I believe such is worthy practice. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


In the Greek Language the meaning of “all things” is as follows:

3956. pa`” pas pas; incl. all the forms of declension; appar. a primary word; all, any, every, the whole:- all (manner of, means), alway (-s), any (one), x daily, + ever, every (one, way), as many as, + no (-thing), x thoroughly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever.


Encarta r World English Dictionary defines “declension” as follows:



3. worsening or falling away: the process of gradually declining or deteriorating (formal)

4. geology downward slope: a downward slope, especially of terrain


This definition from the biblical text does not offer any “opt out clause.” It tells us to bear it all, everything and anything. Hard to believe but that is what it says! Not only bear it but also “daily” if need be, “as many as” is necessary, “whatsoever” it is, “always”, the “whole” things. Only through the power of God and His Spirit is such possible. Let us each pray He provides us with what we need each day to beareth [bear] all things which come our way and while displaying His ideal of love.


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