Marriage and Family Series – Kindness


Next we find, “and is kind;” 5541 5736


4Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8Love never fails.

New King James


4Charity 26 suffereth long, 3114 5719 and is kind; 5541 5736 charity 26 envieth 2206 5719 not; 3756 charity 26 vaunteth 4068 3756 not 4068 5736 itself, 4068 5736 is 5448 not 3756 puffed up, 5448 5743 5Doth 807 not 3756 behave itself unseemly, 807 5719 seeketh 2212 5719 not 3756 her own, 1438 is 3947 not 3756 easily provoked, 3947 5743 thinketh 3049 5736 no 3756 evil; 2556 6Rejoiceth 5463 5719 not 3756 in 1909 iniquity, 93 but 1161 rejoiceth 4796 5719 in the 225 truth 225 ; 7Beareth 4722 5719 all things, 3956 believeth 4100 5719 all things, 3956 hopeth 1679 5719 all things, 3956 endureth 5278 5719 all things. 3956

8Charity 26 never 3763 faileth:

King James with Greek Reference Numbers


As we look at the idea of “and is kind” we will discover we are not talking about kindness which manifests itself in mere politeness. Biblical kindness for the spouse goes far beyond the form of kindness found within simple good manners.


In the Greek Language the meaning of “and is kind” is as follows:



. crhsteuomai chreµsteáuoámai, khraste-yoo´-om-ahee; mid. voice from 5543; to show oneself useful, i.e. act benevolently:— be kind.

We need to be making ourselves useful to our spouse. This does not mean waiting to be asked. Providing where we can for their needs. Acts of goodwill, charitable acts and not seeking to get something out of it or in return from them. Doing it for them as an expression of our love, pure and simple.



. crhstov” chreµstoás, khrase-tos´; from 5530; employed, i.e. (by impl.) useful (in manner or morals):— better, easy, good (-ness), gracious, kind.

We need to make it our job to see to it that we are an asset to our spouse and not a liability. Our morals and manner of acting should reflect that we are such an asset. We need to be making their life better and easier, not more difficult. We should enhance, not takeaway from their lives. This is also where politeness and a gracious manner should be woven into our daily lives with our spouse.



. cravomai chraoámai, khrah´-om-ahee; mid. voice of a primary verb (perh. rather from 5495, to handle); to furnish what is needed; (give an oracle, “graze” [touch slightly], light upon, etc.), i.e. (by impl.) to employ or (by extens.) to act toward one in a given manner:— entreat, use. comp. 5531; 5534.

When our spouse needs us we are to be there for them. To supply the word of encouragement or support. To give that touch or a gaze into their eyes, which will communicate our care and love. There will be times when we will need to urgently plead with them to do what is right, necessary, godly, or best.




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