Conservative Is As Conservative Does


In this piece, you will find the word “afore” used were most people would choose the word before. The use of this word is deliberate and accurate to the quote.

Conservative Is As Conservative Does

The man heralded the father of the Conservative Movement, a brilliant, enlightened, intelligent, man with high standards and morals, William F. Buckley, die recently. Mr. Buckley may well have been the father of the Conservative Movement but the founder of the Conservative Movement was and is God.

Mr. Buckley, creator of the periodical conservative magazine, “National Review”, was known for saying, ‘The job of a conservative was to stand afore history yelling stop.’ This is very much what our biblical prophets done and what concerned conservative Christians should be doing. Conservative is as conservative does and I question whether many people today who call themselves Christians and Conservatives are doing enough yelling. We must never forget this country was established on the principals of the Bible, by a variety of people, warts and all. We are moving too far away from true conservative values and becoming a nation of conservatives in name only. We do not live in a time any longer where wearing the label conservative means standing for the biblical principals and values that were a mainstay of life for the original conservatives of the 1950’s, at the birth of the movement. Buckley through his conservative movement vision, along with others, have used their time, influence, beliefs, and money to make this country great. Yet, we all have the same type of concerns in life and we all can have an impact and make a difference in our sphere of the world.

Two such families, who would fall into this others category, are the ‘Carnegie Family’ and the ‘Rockefeller Family’; both of which alone with Mr. Buckley had a huge impact, in this country, within the century. In a time of, the quick rise and fall, their families have held some of the longest standing power and wealth in this country, Andrew Carnegie the founder of ‘US Steel’ and JD Rockefeller founder of ‘Standard Oil’ were the family monarchs. On different occasions, I have sat in the homes of both of these wonderful families, talking with the men who currently head these dynamic people and the female matriarch of both. What did these people, who have affected our country so greatly, wish to talk about while I was having my sandwich lunch with one and coffee with the other? Discussions were centered on the everyday cares of life; cost of fuel for the boat, repairing a screen-door, the antique table that we were sitting at, pain from and treatment for a difficult illness and favorite local spots in the neighboring town. These people whose families helped so to stimulate the economy of America and grow the country, are still people concerned with the everyday challenges of life. Those type of challenges and concerns affective each one of us, at one time or another.

It is important to have a base from which we work a base of values. The Conservative Movement born out of Conservative Values herald out of the Values of Scripture; tried and tries in the public arena to address those everyday concerns and to keep our values strong. Perhaps, the death of the father of the Conservative Movement can stimulate the Christians today toward a return to the biblical foundation of that Conservative Movement; where conservative, once again, is conservative.

One must remember that the only thing that need happen for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Therefore, if you desire to see corruption diminish instead of rise, to see justice and fairness prevail, and to see the principals of Scripture applied to everyday life in our towns; then it is very important for you to remember you must do your part. To do what you can do to lift up the principals of Jesus, to lift up what is important. Moreover, remember it does not matter who you know in this earthly life, you have the most powerful allies on you side everyday, and that is God, His Truth, and His Principals!


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