The Phantom of Fear = Thoughts on Definition of “the Spirit

Posted December 11th 2007 

Thoughts on Parts of Definition of “the Spirit”  

current of air i.e. breath (blast)=

There are times when the Spirit of God is so powerful on or around us that it feels much like a blast of air.  

i.e. (human) the rational soul=

The Spirit within us must ultimately come to control our human rational soul if we are to live as the Overcomer’s God longs for us to be.  

(by implication.) vital principle=

The Spirit is the most vital principle of our lives; guiding all our lives entail.  

mental disposition=

So often our mental disposition is directly connect to the type of spirit[s] we allow to influence and control us.  

(superhuman) an angel=

We must be able to acknowledge that there are many different types of spirits, driven by both good and evil.  

(superhuman) demon=

Demonic spirits are everywhere and long to place fear within us, in order to control or actions or lack thereof.  

(superhuman) (divine) God=

The Spirit that truly blesses us is the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost; sent by God for our good.  

(superhuman)Christ’s spirit=

Those Believers’s in Christ will ultimately receive from Him, His Spirit.  

(superhuman)the Holy Spirit=

The Spirit which Christ grants His Followers is the Holy Spirit, meant to comfort and guide them.  


One’s mind must ultimately be controlled by the Holy Spirit, in order to live the abundant life Christ has for us.  

to breathe hard=

So often when a wrong spirit or demonic spirit is attempting to influence us we will find ourselves frightened; which a classic sign of is breathing hard. 

Next, we will move on to a look at various spirits in Scripture.  Due to Christmas and New Years, the next posting will be after Christmas but before New Years Eve.  I pray everyone has a joyful Christmas and that God’s Blessing is on your New Year. 



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