The Purpose of Heaven… Series – Heaven Real or Myth

Written November 8th 2007 Thursday

Posted November 12th 2007 Monday  

The Purpose of Heaven……… Series – Heaven Real or Myth 


     The final installment, in this series of an in-depth look at heaven, will focus on the purposes for heaven.  Yes, I stated the purposes.  Something perhaps you have never thought about, yet nonetheless, heaven does have a purpose.  We have already established that heaven is a real place and not a myth, now we look at why this place exists at all.  

Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice?

Proverbs 8:1

When He prepared the heavens, I was there, …

Proverbs 8:27

     One of the lesser known and perhaps the lesser understood purposes of heaven are to manifest the wisdom of God.  Through the very creation, maintaining, and functionality of heaven God’s great wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and all-powerfulness has been and is being made known.  Only an extremely wise Being could possibly have pulled this off and kept it up.  

Let the heavens declare His righteousness,  For God Himself is Judge. Selah

Psalm 50:6

     Heaven is there to declare the righteousness of God.  The sky above is usually primarily white.  White typically signifies purity.  Purity is normally associated with righteousness.  When you look into the meaning of the Hebrew word used in this verse for righteousness, it reveals the wonder of what is being declared about God.  The natural, moral, and legal rightness.  Equity, prosperity, justice, that which is all together right and just.  To be or make right in a moral or forensic sense, to cleanse. 

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

     It exists; it is there, to declare the handiwork and glory of God.  God’s glory is not something I believe a human mind can comprehend.  It is something we get to enjoy once we are with Him in heaven.  Everything we could dream it would be like in the end will most likely pale in comparison.  That splendor, the copiousness, that honor, which surrounds God, can only be described as awesome beyond understanding. When we look up we see the great handiwork of God when we get there we see the great glory of God!



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  1. What is the purpose of God manifesting his wisdom? Why does God need to declare his own righteousness, handiwork, and glory?

    And who is he declaring these things to? To the people he made? He made people just so they could go to heaven and realize how great He is for making them? And then what?

  2. It is not that I have not received your questions or do not wish to reply. I wish to incorporate your very good question into a follow-up piece and am considering the timing for that peice. Please feel free to write me anytime, thank you for your questions, and I will let you know when I am posting the follow-up essay to address your questions.

  3. when is the follow up piece written?

    Is there going to be an answer? I have been wondering the same question for my entire life.

    • Well the answer you are looking for can come in two forms.

      1 – After death everyone will find Heaven is a very real place.
      2 – While here on earth the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to you by reading the truth through the Bible and writings such as this one.

      As far as my follow up pieces on the topic of “Heaven” go, the series is complete for now. You can find each posting by searching my blog piece titles using the keyword “Heaven.” They may not have all been published together but I assure you they are all there.

      I appreciate you reading the blog and commenting.

      • What is the purpose of heaven? What happens after heaven?

        Is heaven and hell a game set up by GOD? What is the purpose to be in heaven forever doing the same thing if earth is simliar to heaven, only heaven is 100 times better or more, but it’s still boring.

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