Oh the Glory!

Written and Posted July 23, 2007 – Monday  

And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:

God was manifested in the flesh,

Justified in the Spirit,

Seen by angels,

Preached among the Gentiles,

Believed on in the world,

Received up in glory.

1 Timothy 3:16 

     This week we will take a simple walk through the various points made in the above verse. Along our journey in so doing we will be taking special note of why each aspect is important to mankind now and in days past.

     When the first line talks about the “mystery of godliness;” this is a reference to the piety and holiness involved in bringing about the gospel. The idea of redemption for mankind through One Man. What an awesome and wonderful mystery; which has been revealed and can be known by all who seek after the knowledge.

     “God was manifest in the flesh.” What a wonderful statement! To know that God loved His Creation so much that He was willing to manifest Himself here on the earth, through the Person of Jesus, the Christ. Jesus was God in the flesh. Without this acceptance, internally by someone, there can be no salvation for anyone. There will be no other to save. There has been no other who has saved. Only Jesus did, can, and will save mankind!

     Jesus was completely righteous within and only through His Spirit is any person “justified in the Spirit.” The manifestation of Christ, as exhibited through the Holy Spirit, is manifestation of being “justified in the Spirit” through belief in Christ Jesus. All of the inner workings of Jesus, both human and divine, the soul and the spirit; became utterly and completely “justified” and His perfection was manifest in the Spirit.

     Jesus was and is seen by angels. Both before His descent to earth and after His resurrection and ascent, back to heaven; He has been seen and known by the Holy Messengers, the angels. This being seen by angels is a notation of complete and full visional effect. They have both seen Jesus in His Glory, as well as in human form. We must wait for that time when we get to see Jesus in His Glory.

     For myself, not being a Jew, I am grateful that Jesus was “preached among the Gentiles.” In a strange way I guess I have no choice but to also be grateful that the Jewish people, as a whole, rejected Jesus as the Messiah. Otherwise my opportunity for Salvation, through Him, might not have come. To this day Jesus, and salvation along with reconciliation to God through Him, is being preached among the pagans and heathen of our time. Please know pagans and heathen are not my terms but the words found within the meaning of the word ‘Gentiles,’ in the Greek definition.

     Jesus was during the day that He walked the earth and is today very much believed in. There are so many who have put their faith in Him and entrust their futures to His care. These individuals trust in Christ, especially when it comes to their spiritual well-being and the redemption of their souls at the time of their death. That belief in Jesus creates a commitment on the part of every Believer to a personal relationship with the One they believe on and in. This was true of many of His Followers at the time when He walked the earth 2000 years ago.

     Jesus came to this earth in human form with one purpose. That purpose was to redeem mankind’s relationship with God. To right a wrong done in the Garden of Eden. To overcome an enemy, the Enemy of mankind, who had deceived the woman so many years earlier. Once that mission was completed on the Cross, He was “received up in glory,” to take His rightful place; where He waits for that moment to come to earth once again. That second time however, wearing all His Glory from the onset. He will then be seen and known in Full Power and Full Glory! What a Glorious Day that is going to be!



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