Life is but Temporal

May 29th, 2007 -Written

June 1st 2007 – Posted

Life is but Temporal

  While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18


Physical life is but a temporal and fleeting thing. So many get to the end only to look back with wonder at what it was all for, after all. Has their existence served a purpose? Has time eaten away at their being until there is no spirit, no soul, and no sense of ………….. left to recognize.


This need not be the case. God gave us life to take pleasure in and savor while in transit to our real home, our eternal home, heaven. Yet, at the same time not holding too tightly to the things which we find here, on the earth, for we cannot hold on to them forever.


Despite the feeling, earlier described, which people often have when they come to the end of their days; one’s spirit and soul though battered perhaps by life and self, will never cease to be. They may cease to function as God intended, but their existence will always remain. Transformed, at the moment of death, into the eternal being it was originally created to be.


Those temporal things in which God employs us in His Word to enjoy –


o       Physical Beauty found in Nature


o       Blessings He bestows on us during our lifetime


o       Gain through loss


o       Rain, Snow, the seasons and their glory


o       Love


o       Relationships


are meant to enrich our lives and bring joy to our days as we pass them here on earth.


        Then once the temporal is gone and our moment comes to stand before the Almighty we will enter into the greatest glory or greatest horror of all time; – for eternity. All that is temporal will have passed and the condition of our soul and spirit will now take center stage. In that moment all the accomplishments, money, family, ministry, business deals, fame, and people will cease to matter.


Only one statement will suffice to ensure that the eternal is more glorious than anything temporal we have ever experience. That statement being, “I have trusted Your Son, Jesus – the Christ, to make a way for me to enter Your Presence and Your glorious home, heaven. Will you please call Him? I am sure He will vouch for me; that I belong to Him.” 



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  1. i really don’t think people have to be at the end to have those feelings. i am pretty young and i feel that way often. actually, i struggle with that feeling on a daily basis. it’s easier said than done to look at all of this as fleeting, something to enjoy until the real prize. i don’t know how to hold onto that feeling most of the time.

    • No you are correct people can feel this way at various times in their lives. However, when we near our end the ideas, however fleeting, of a comeback so to speak are pretty much gone and one realizes just how far short from the ideal they have fallen. Which is why we need Jesus. The only way to “hold onto that feeling” is not to. We must live life with open palms not closed fist. We cannot hold on to anything too tightly we must be willing to lay our lives before God and His providence with our palms open ready every moment to receive and release what He sees fit to allow to be given or taken. Palms open, heart open, spirit submitted to God.

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