Freedom can Reign

Tuesday – April 24th 2007

Freedom can Reign

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36 [Jesus speaking]

     Jesus actually used two different words in this verse when conveying the full meaning of “free” as He meant it to be understood when using both words.

In the Greek language free means the following:

Free = 1659. from 1658; to liberate, i.e. (figuratively) to exempt (from moral., ceremonial. or mortal liability):— deliver, make free. 1658 from 2064; unrestrained (to go at pleasure), i.e. (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted), or (generally) exempt (from obligation or liability):— free (man, woman), at liberty. 2064. to come or go (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively):— accompany, appear, bring, come, enter, fall out, go, grow

     Let us look at some thoughts based on some of the words used in the definition of these words “free.”

     Jesus’ death on the cross did, does, and will set us free in more ways than we can truly ever comprehend. It liberated us from the requirement of reaching a particular moral standard; though we should desire to please Christ with our actions. It liberated us from the requirement of certain ceremonial traditions, rituals, and church attendance; though as my husband says, “I go to church to honor God, not for myself, anyone else or any other purpose.” Therefore, we should want to go for worship services to worship the One who died for us. It liberated us from the requirement of having to mortally pay for our own sin with our spiritual death; though we should be willing to give to Jesus, in return, death of our own agenda and live for His.

     Today so many things bind people and hold them in bondage. Yet, Jesus’ death also made the path for Him to deliver us and make us free from those things which bind up our lives. Today everywhere, even among the very faithful in Christ there is so much bondage. People unable to live beyond their limited views and life filters. Many do not even realize they need to be made free. They have bought the world’s ideas of what new thing, drug, or concept will bring them peace and freedom. It is sad to watch; among all – the world, the Christians, the Spiritual Leaders, the Business Leaders, the educated and the uneducated, the very elite and the very impoverished. All living the same lies, sadly, unnecessarily; when Jesus really wants them free.

     Jesus wants to free us to such a degree that we are able to go at our own pleasure. Having been so set free by Christ from all hindrances, from ourselves, other people’s requirements and desires, and worldly concerns that we are able to follow the promptings within; because they have been transformed by Christ. They are no longer our prompting, instead His promptings within us. No longer our agenda or our will, it is now His Will always. Oh, what Glorious freedom. Oh, what a beautiful life.

     Now being made exempt from obligation to Christ we are able to choose Christ for ourselves. To make that choice to accompany Him in His Work on earth.  To willingly bring our will into submission to His Will.  To come to Jesus because we want to come to Him. To enter into that relationship with Jesus which transforms our lives and our eternal destiny.  To fall out of fellowship with Him when we chose bondage and sin over the freedom He has offered. To go where He wants us to go and do what He wants us to do. Experiencing in the process the greatest satisfaction of our lives.  To grow everyday of the rest of our lives in Him, in our understanding of Him, in our love for Him, and in our commitment to Christ.  




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