Who Will Depart and How?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Who Will Depart and How? 

Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, 1 Timothy 4:1-2

            This Scripture clearly tells us that from the day it was written until this day, that a time would come when some would depart from the true Faith of Christ. The means and method of departure is in many different forms, as the chapter four of first Timothy points out. I will focus on the opening statements of this chapter; that the departure would come.

            There is an expression of the fact that the departure from true faith would arise amidst the latter times. Therefore, what are latter times? Later, in another season of time, which Timothy and these Believers were not necessarily a part of during their stay here on earth. Yet, could it have began with them and grew? These things we could debate or we could look at it from the perspective and times in which we now live.

            God was seeing to it that by His Spirit people were warned of what was to come. Today God still speaks by His Spirit, through people, to bring warning of what is to come. Why does and did God do this? God waste nothing, therefore, we know it was done for a reason. God loves His people and mankind so much that He wants to give them every opportunity to do what is godly, based on His standard. He wants to guard them from the pain, hurt, and destruction they seem so eager to bring upon themselves. Therefore, He placed within His Word and He brings by His Spirit through people warnings, exhortations, and guidance. Here, He clearly wanted to bring a warning through His Word. He also, in recent days, has been bringing a warning via His Spirit through people to stop the decay and destruction of the churches true faith.

            You see here through this Scripture God is not addressing the lost and dying. He is not talking to those who do not believe upon Him and the redemption through Christ. He is talking to His people, His Church, those who already believe in Him; for they are the ones who are going astray in their faith. We find that to be no truer than it is this very day. Did God place this warning here to tear down the church? Is God speaking this through His people today to tear down the established corporate church? Am I saying this to hurt any religious leader or religious person? No, God, His spokespersons, and I say this because we love the Church, the Believers, the leaders and we want them to not lose their way from true faith, as Christ intended it to be.  

            There are three examples given here of how that straying of the true faith would take place. Whereas, they all three go together; all three can also stand on its own.

             I.      giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons

          II.      speaking lies in hypocrisy

       III.      having their own conscience seared with a hot iron 

     Giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. Let us look at what that basically amount to and some examples, perhaps. Through the study of the words contained within this verse the meaning is clearly given and relayed in simple understanding here. As the true faith of Christ demises those who believed in Him would open themselves to the pay attention, give creditability to, consider and regard including to give themselves to teachings and doctrines which do not reflect the Heart, Mind, Will, and Purpose of Almighty God. That these very teaching would come from those who are leaders or should I say misleaders and imposter of the true faith. Deceivers and seducers are the words used in the definition of this word to describe these people. There function to put information out there that does not stay in line with true faith but instead changes and alters the faith so instead of representing God it represent the Devil. King James word, not mine. When you trace the word back the term “doctrines of devils” is used. This is a demonic being or influence. You say could a real Christian leader be influenced by a demonic being to do his bidding or is it just the obvious doctrinally bankrupt which we have to be concern about? I will let you answer that for your self through two examples which take you from one extreme too another.

1)     Example one is easily picked out by most God fearing, God loving people. There are those out there, calling themselves spiritual leaders, today within the mainstream church who are now teaching that the virgin birth is not true. That Jesus was God’s messenger but nothing more. That coming to God as you understand God is good enough. These things are “in your face” so to speak, heresies and wrong, ungodly doctrines. 

2)     Example two is the other extreme. Much, much more difficult to identify but deadly to the Body of Christ nonetheless. When you have a person who holds a title which indicates they are a spiritual leader and they talk with people about anything; they are teaching, influencing, and establishing that person faith and doctrinal beliefs to some degree. Yet, today we have people with a title which indicates they are a spiritual leader telling people it is okay to smoke, it does not matter, it is up to the individual to decide what is best for themselves. God decides what is best for a person. God does not want people hurting their bodies in any form. Therefore, when one tells someone such, they are misrepresenting God to them and teachings them an error which effects their lives and everyone they past the untruth onto. Sadly most know they are doing it but they want to keep their people happy and hold on to them – so they compromise God and God’s standards.

     Speaking lies in hypocrisy. We all know what lies are; basically any form of distortion as it applies to a truth, situation, and / or person. The verse goes on to talk about this form of lying being done with hypocrisy. Therefore, we will take a deeper look into what this word hypocrisy means in the Greek language leading to a greater understanding of the form and effect of such lies. Coming from two words in the Greek it means “acting under a feigned part, deceit, condemnation, dissimulation, hypocrisy.” Feigned means artificial, contrived, insincere, pretend, man-made, manufactured and put on. How often have spiritual leaders acted on such distortions and overblown ideas of their own and others in order to serve their own or another purpose; at the determent of a person, truth, or the people of God; even going to the point of taking action which condemns another in some form. I say taking action because the second word in the Greek to form the hypocrisy means “to decide, speak or act, under a false part and figuratively to dissemble, pretend.” Dissemble and dissimulation means to hedge, evade, beat around the bush, quibble, stall, put off, and dither. Lying in this form has become common place among all people; the world, Believer, and spiritual leaders. Our next and final point to address may shed light on why.

Having their own conscience seared with a hot iron. Bottom line it seems that whether it is a person in the world, in the church or even a spiritual leader; they just do not seem to care anymore. Their actions and lies, if it served what they perceive as the greater good, their greater good; then, it is acceptable. There are some whose conscience has become so dull that you cannot even get them to understand the wrong they are doing. The conscience spoken of in this verse is referring to a “moral conscience;” moral being the key. Yet, people today make up they own morality and sadly enough usually they make it up as they go along. These people change their morality it to fit their new or next desire, plan or purpose. The type of moral conscience spoke of here involved as the definition in the Greek states, “seeing completely.” When you look into the words “seared with a hot iron” in the Greek it tells us that what is being done here is, “to brand (“cauterize”), to render unsensitive” [or as we would say today, insensitive.]  The removal of the sensitivity to what is just, fair, right, truth, godly, meaningful – boy do we ever see that today filling our streets, homes, and church building. In our feel good, it is all about me, more, more, more, biggest and best, look at me, pay attention to me, society.




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