The Why’s of Life

February 28th 2007 – Wednesday 

The Why’s of Life  

3           You have shown Your people hard things; You have made us drink the wine of confusion.4           You have given a banner to those who fear You, That it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah5           That Your beloved may be delivered, Save with Your right hand, and hear me.9           Who will bring me to the strong city? Who will lead me to
10          Is it not You, O God, who cast us off? And You, O God, who did not go out with our armies?11          Give us help from trouble, For the help of man is useless.12          Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

Psalm 60  

     Again today, let us take time to look deeply at this Scripture based up the full meaning of the words used as found in their original language.  

          We often ask ourselves “why” when something bad takes place. The answers to the ‘why’s’ of life are vast and could cover pages beyond our ability to write, conceive, and put to paper. Many of which, to be very honest, will not be answer until as some say, we get to heaven. Quite frankly, I believe we are not going to care when we get to heaven. Our awe and worship of Jesus will surpass any human or earthly concern. That being said let us look at a few point to be made when examining just one – “why” answer, in life.  

Hard things: 7186. hv,q; qaÆsheh, kaw-sheh’; from 7185; severe (in various applications):— churlish, cruel, grievous, hard ([-hearted], thing), heavy, + impudent, obstinate, prevailed, rough (-ly), sore, sorrowful, stiff ([-necked]), stubborn, + in trouble.  

KJV uses the word Astonishment instead of confusion: 8653. hl;[er]T’ tar>eÆlaÆh, tar-ay-law’; from 7477; reeling:— astonishment, trembling. 

*    It is quite clear here that God, Himself, allows and has a purpose for the difficult and sorrowful things that we sometimes go through. Yet, with the view of two extremes where God is people cannot get past the happening of something to see the purpose. These two views manifest themselves as either a marshmallow, granddaddy God or a wrathful God. Neither, one is a balanced view of our Heavenly Father. God does allow those hard times to come in our life when it will serve the ultimate good.   Banner:5251.        snE neÆc, nace; from 5264; a flag; also a sail; by impl. a flagstaff; gen. a signal; fig. a token:— banner, pole, sail, (en-) sign, standard. 

*    God’s people are meant to carry the banner of truth in the world. This banner of truth is meant to represent God and His ultimate authority in the lives of humans. His Written Word is the ultimate authority on ethics and principles, because it is truth. Often, during, through, and after a hard time in life, one or several of those truths become much more real and evident in our lives and the lives of those who have watch us walk through our ordeal.   

Cast us off:2186. jn”zÉ zaÆnach, zaw-nakh’; a prim. root mean. to push aside, i.e. reject, forsake, fail:— cast away (off), remove far away (off).  

*    The psalmist asks the very question that many of us ask in difficult times. Who will lead me in the direction I need to go? Then in the same breath he states that is it not God who should lead him, the same God whom He feels has cast him off? During the roughest moments in life we can feel forsaken by or that God is far away. Yet, once we are through the crisis, in our reflection we see that we have gained a greater appreciation for our God whom was distant.  

Valiantly:2428. lyIj’ chayil, khah’-yil; from 2342; prob. a force, whether of men, means or other resources; an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength:— able, activity, (+) army, band of men (soldiers), company, (great) forces, goods, host, might, power, riches, strength, strong, substance, train, (+) valiant (-ly), valour, virtuous (-ly), war, worthy (-ily). 

*    God calls for us to act valiantly in our difficult moments and allow Him to deal with anyone who might need dealing with or correcting. We are stand virtuously in the principals He has set down for us and leave vengeance to God.  

Tread down:947.   sWB buÆwc, boos; a prim. root; to trample (lit. or fig.):— loath, tread (down, under [foot]), be polluted. 

Enemies:6862. rx’ tsar, tsar; or x; tsaÆr, tsawr; from 6887; narrow; (as a noun) a tight place (usually fig., i.e. trouble); also a pebble (as in 6864); (tran.) an opponent (as crowding):— adversary, afflicted (-tion), anguish, close, distress, enemy, flint, foe, narrow, small, sorrow, strait, tribulation, trouble. 


*    God, as our authority, provides us with an umbrella of protection. He will, if we allow Him, deal with those who hurt or injure us, intentionally or through neglect. Though often, it is we who desire to take action. The moment we chose to take action we remove ourselves from that umbrella of protection and we can expect that the only vengeance we will see done on our behalf is represented in our actions and what we are able to administer. I do not know about you, but I know that I feel God is much wiser than me about what action needs to be taken. 


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  1. i have really been thinking about the vengeance thing lately personally. your heart can be in the wrong place too. sometimes i find myself recognizing that it is not my place to deliver justice, but i am thinking that i wish someone else will deliver it for me in a certain way. sometimes those feelings put a lot of pressure on you and cause inner turmoil. to truly let go would to be at peace, i imagine.

    • You leave the vengeance up to God. You neither seek it nor long for it, you simply leave it to Him. He will take care of what needs to be taken care of. I realize this is hard when you are actively hurting from what another has done to you. But it is absolutely necessary for your spiritual health. Trust that God will care for you better than you could ever possibly do for yourself. Dead Sea Scrolls and PTM Writer

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